December 22nd, 2016

I, Eric Gramond, hereby commit to the pledge. Please stand with me and hold me to it.

Pour Cabu

January 8th, 2015

Stop SOPA, and stuff.

January 18th, 2012

My site is already has a lot of black, but today, consider it blacked out for the stop-SOPA thing, too.

Also, to stop SOPA and the other heavy handed initiatives we will no doubt have to defend our freedoms against in the future, here’s one more thing you can do to help: STOP PIRATING STUFF.

Get the apron ready…

August 25th, 2011

Christina isn’t going to Koweit in January 2013 anymore. She’s going to Afghanistan in October 2012. Ugh. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it also pushes forward her 4 month Virginia training thing to January 2012. Single dad mode starting in 6 months.

Three Months Old

November 30th, 2010

Look at the camera!

Miranda turned 3 months old today, so it’s time for her first quarterly report. Our guidance: invest in more diapers. She started with the baby babble last week. It pretty much goes on non-stop for a while after she gets fed. Really sweet. She’s also grabbing things and trying to stick them in her mouth already, but she can’t quite get them there yet. It’s very funny to watch her try.

We dressed her up in a cute little green dress for the occasion. It’s way too cold for that but she is extra adorable and that’s what matters!

I think this is as good a time as any to apologize to all our friends and relatives we have been neglecting over the last three months. Sorry, it’s just been, well, busy. We’re hoping to get back into a more normal groove eventually as we get the hang of this. Maybe. In 18 years or so. In the meantime, well, don’t wait for us to call, you’re going to have to be the ones dialing us, and we hope you do.
Unintentional Rollover
Baby and Mom

Home with Baby

September 6th, 2010

We took Miranda home on Friday. Things have been going pretty well so far. Even getting sleep at night isn’t too hard. This baby sleeps a lot, and Christina has been able to pump plenty. There’s always a bottle ready to feed the rug-rat and then she’s out cold again. Now that we’ve figured out a few things, we’re not even having to break out the pacifiers anymore.
Christina is recovering well from the surgery. The staples are out and she is walking around just fine.

Miranda Dee Gramond

August 31st, 2010

Miranda Dee Gramond

Miranda Dee Gramond

Miranda Dee Gramond was born at 4:09pm August 30th. She weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces, and was delivered via C-section. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Mirandas Day Out

August 30th, 2010

The epidural was working very well, but Christina still wasn’t dilated enough. They put her on pitocin as well to try to make it happen. Now the stack of tubes by the side of her bed was getting pretty convoluted.
It did manage to speed up her contractions. She started getting more and more of them until they were happening every two minutes. And lasting almost that long, too. The epidural wasn’t working as well anymore, but it was keeping her comfortable enough to get through it.
After a couple more hours of that, Christina still wasn’t dilating. The babys heart rate was all over the place, and apparently she had pooped in there too.
At 2pm, the doctor decided it was time to go with a C-section. I almost laughed when I saw him trying to break that news to Christina as gently as he could. I knew it was pretty much what she wanted before it even started. At the end of his long speech she just said: “Uh, so what does that mean?”. Then someone said “He wants to do a C-section”. And then she said something like “Great, can we start right now?”
It all went pretty fast from there. Next thing I knew, I was wearing scrubs and Christina was getting wheeled off to the operating room. The Doctors were arguing over whether to play more Michael Jackson music or switch to something else. Then they cracked a few jokes to get their morale up and started slicing.

Look over the curtain at your own risk...

Look over the curtain at your own risk...


That went by even faster. Within 2 minutes there was a bloody grey baby head being tugged out of Christinas belly, and the anesthesist had me stand up and look at it happen. The same guy who had me sit down when he was giving Christina the epidural because he didn’t want me passing out. Go figure. Anyway, I know where they got the inspiration for the monster baby mutant in Total Recall, now. Except this was way worse.
Less than 5 minutes into the operation the baby was out and went to a separate table, and they took me there. Nurses were poking and prodding at Miranda as she turned from grey to pink. It was all a blur. Christina was a bloody mess but I guess that’s what surgery looks like. I could see it all from where I was, so I kept one of the nurses between me and the worst of it to avoid seeing too much. I remember them needing 3 hands to shove a giant purple balloon thing back into Christina. I found out later that was the uterus. They weren’t cracking jokes anymore, and the music had moved on to Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”. I thought that was ironic.
The baby was keeping most of my attention off of the surgery, and eventually I caught a glimpse of them stitching Christina up and I figured that must be going fine over there. Then it was on to messing with an entire baggy of blood that had come out of Christina. They were all covered in it. Meanwhile poor Miranda had tubes stuck down her nose to suck out the amniotic fluid, I got to cut one inch off her umbilical cord while a nurse took a completely blurry photo, and they stuck a baby lojack on her. Hi-tech stuff.

Welcome to earth. First, we'll start with some torture.

Welcome to earth. First, we'll start with some torture.


Miranda and Christina got wheeled back to the recovery room, and they both kept zoning out every few minutes, so they were pretty easy to keep comfortable. It’s completely true what they say about that moment. It changes your life. I was a dad and I loved that little larva baby and I was going to take care of her and nothing else in the world was really all that important anymore.

Dad and Baby

Dad and Baby

Enjoying the Respite

August 30th, 2010

Christinas contractions were still over 10 minutes apart, but they had started getting over two minutes long, so at 1am she woke me up and we were off to the hospital.
The contractions started getting even worse when we got there, so the nurses doped her up. What followed was a long night of Christina waking up and grunting her way through the next contraction, and then falling right back asleep.
When morning came around, the contractions got worse, and the meds wore off. My pathetic attempts at moral support weren’t doing much good either. It took two separate anesthesiologists to get the epidural in. Apparently Christina has a spine like a tree-trunk. It was worth the (very bloody) ordeal though. She stopped screaming her way through the monster four minute contractions and started sleeping right through them. The patients down the hall were probably grateful too.
Apparently this is going to go on for a few more hours before it’s time to push the baby out, so I am enjoying the respite while I can, and taking advantage of the hospitals wireless connection to put up a few updates.

Sorry, Christina won't let me take photos of her. You get me instead.

Sorry, Christina won't let me take photos of her. You get me instead.


August 29th, 2010

Christina has been having contractions all afternoon long. They’re still around 25 minutes apart, so we’re not going to the hospital quite yet, but it does look like Miranda has finally decided to start making her way out. It’s about time.

Meanwhile, Christina has been working on her ILE paper just like if nothing was going on. Actually, probably even harder than if nothing had been going on. Every half hour she grunts a lot and sits on the exercise ball for a couple minutes, then gets right back to her paper. Holy crap.