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Home with Baby

Monday, September 6th, 2010

We took Miranda home on Friday. Things have been going pretty well so far. Even getting sleep at night isn’t too hard. This baby sleeps a lot, and Christina has been able to pump plenty. There’s always a bottle ready to feed the rug-rat and then she’s out cold again. Now that we’ve figured out a few things, we’re not even having to break out the pacifiers anymore.
Christina is recovering well from the surgery. The staples are out and she is walking around just fine.

Back from Hawai’i

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Totally sick things about our Hawai’i trip:

Not-so-sick things about our Hawai’i trip:

  • Sunburns
  • The Pontiac Shitbox
  • Morning workout injuries
  • Getting sick
  • Hilo
  • Getting on the wrong boat
  • Packing the camera with only a defective memory card
  • Forgetting the HDMI cable in Hawaii

Overall: totally cool trip.

More turtles!

Monday, May 24th, 2010

2 days later, and we’re up to 3 turtles. And also some serious sunburns. All worth it though.


Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

We’ve been in Hawaii less than 3 hours and we’ve already had a close encounter with a turtle. This is going to be a great trip.

Wooo new car

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

We just bought a new Volvo V50 yesterday. We kinda needed to have 4 doors for when baby gets here, and the old C70 was starting to cost us a lot since the extended warranty ran out. And yes, we got the model with the turbocharger and the 4 wheel drive. The tiptronic shifter is almost as fun as my old manual transmission, and twice as effective, plus it frees up a hand so I can smack the kids around in the back seat when needed.

It’s a really nice car, but I’m still going to miss my old C70.

Miranda Dee Gramond

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Went to the doctor again this morning. Got a much better look at the baby. The doctor says it’s a girl!

The Big News

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Christina is pregnant. Baby is due end of August.

That is all.


Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I’ve recovered just about all the blog posts from my post-livejournal era.  Thanks to google for caching my site!

Next time, make backups.

Thank God its over!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

After 3 long years of being treasurer of my homeowner association, I have finally thrown the towel and decided not to run again.  The elections just ended, and now another unfortunate soul has earned the right to serve in my place.  I wish them all luck.